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An AgriFoodTech and CleanTech Company

Transforming Our Food System

Recycling food and crop waste for a more secure food future

Our Process

The HeartFoods’ core BioLoopTech™ System recycles the energy, nutrients, water and carbon from food and crop waste to produce green power, capture CO2 and create a robust biological live-culture liquid fertilizer, that we call “Biobrew”.

The Problem

The current global food supply chain creates food waste.

Diagram showing food waste

HeartFoods Community Farms touches on all four parts of the world’s food system that must be transformed:

Production, Processing, Distribution and Consumption


Why Do We Need to Change Our Food System?

Watch the short video from UNEP below

The Solution

A Better Farm to Fork Economy

Current Global
Food System

Diagram of current food system

Food System

HeartFoods products are sourced and sold within the HeartFoods community.

Diagram of HeartFoods food system

Transform the food system from a linear model to a circular economic model

Net Zero Design

The energy, nutrients, water and carbon in the food and crop waste is processed by the HeartFoods BioLoop System’s closed loop design.

Net Zero Design diagram

Closed-Loop Design

Energy + Nutrients + Water + CO2

Unique Advantages

  • HeartFoods’ BioLoop “Core” Technology is an agritech, cleantech, green energy precedent
  • Proprietary organic fertilizer made from food/crop waste
  • CO2 capture & carbon reduction
  • Fresh organic food can be grown year-round in any climate
  • Nutrious food sold direct to customers at retail prices
  • Provides local food security and jobs
  • Stimulate local “circular” economies
Closed loop food system diagram

Community Farm Option

Local Food Production (Community Farms)

Community Farm [Modular Farm Option]

  • Structures and equipment are assembled in a shop and delivered to the site for “turnkey” operations.
  • High-tech greenhouses can be added to the modular BioLoop “Core” System based on location and customer specifications.
Net Zero Design diagram

Architectural Rendering

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

  • Applications for restoring and enhancing soil health with biological “live culture” fertilizer while producing onsite green power, reusing and capturing CO2 and water.
Farmers High-Fiving

Farm soil and its microbial conditions benefit from the proprietary biological additives and processes used to create a robust fertilizer

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Organic Certified Fertilizer & Foods Crops

  • Vertical grow rooms and high-tech greenhouse food production.
Hydroponics and Aeroponics

Hydroponics grow vegetables, greens, herbs, spirulina and berries in an optimal controlled growing environment

Food Processing and Manufacturing

Food Industry

  • The operating costs of handling onsite food waste is turned into a profit center by converting the energy, nutrients, water and carbon into valuable products.
Food Waste

Food waste “resource” converted into: green energy + food grade CO2 + fertilizer with overall operating carbon reduction

Controlled Environment Aquaculture

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)

  • An onsite “Core” BioLoop System converts the organic waste to produce green power, and fertilizer, plus it reuses and captures CO2 and water.
Recirculating Aquaculture System

MainStream Aquaculture

Fish & shellfish solids and morts are processed + grow feed options

Business Model

  • We design and build the modular HeartFoods BioLoopTech facility in a shop, ship it anywhere in the world, including the equipment, and provide set-up and start-up operations.
  • We train local operational staff in food/crop waste collection and processing, and, optional grow room production, produce harvesting and distribution.
  • We provide on-going monthly supply of biological additives and operational support via remote monitoring and controls.
BioLoopTech system concept

Architectural Rendering

Example BioLoopTech system concept modular design using 20’ shipping containers


Mark Buehrer

Mark Buehrer

HeartFoods CEO / Founder

HeartFoods was founded in October 2020 as a design-build-operate entity. Mark is a registered professional civil engineer, author, and inventor with over 30 years engineering experience on sustainable projects around the world, including nature-based wastewater treatment & water reuse systems, material recycling & composting facilities, and net zero living buildings. In 1995, Mark founded 2020 ENGINEERING, a professional engineering consulting firm, which has been dedicated to providing simple and innovative solutions for the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of local, national and international communities.