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HeartFoods Community Farms

Fresh organic foods grown indoors year-round using recycled nutrients, carbon, water and energy from local food wastes.


Current Global Food Supply Chain Creates Food Waste

Along with limitations in nutrition, diversity, and distribution, the current global food system results in approximately one third of all food becoming waste.

Diagram showing food waste


Why Do We Need to Change Our Food System?

Watch the short video from UNEP above


A Better Farm to Fork Economy

Current Global Food System

Diagram of current food system
$ Linear Money Flow $

In the current food system, the flow of food from the farm through the supply chain brings many added costs, from shipping foods long distances and from handling of foods by processors and distributors along the way to the grocery stores and restaurants.

HeartFoods Transformational
Food System

Diagram of HeartFoods food system
$ Circular Economy $

100% of HeartFoods products are produced and sold within the HeartFoods community:

  • Eliminates Supply Chain
  • Direct Sales to Customers
  • Local Food and Jobs

Net Zero Design

Net Zero Design diagram

Closed-Loop Design

Energy + Nutrients + CO2 + Water

Unique Advantages

  • AgriTech & CleanTech Precedent
  • Proven Sustainable Technologies
  • Whole Systems/Integrated Design
  • Provides Food Security and Local Jobs
  • Food Transport Cost Avoidance
  • Proprietary Organic Fertilizers
  • Year-Round Food Freshness & Quality
  • Carbon Capture & Sequestration
  • Replicable Worldwide Locations
  • Stimulate Local "Circular" Economies
Closed loop food system diagram

Plant-Based Organic Foods

Hydroponic and Aeroponic Food systems

Greenhouse & Vertical Food Production

Hydroponics & Aeroponics

Vegetables, Greens, Herbs, Spirulina and Berries

Aquaculture systems Aquaculture systems

Recirculating Aquaculture

Fresh Organic Fish & Shrimp

Fed with Plant-Based Aquaculture Feeds

Community Farm "Plug & Play"

Net Zero Design diagram

Architectural Rendering

Community Farm Example Campus

Net Zero Design diagram

Architectural Rendering

HeartFoods Management Team

Mark Buehrer

Mark Buehrer

Founder & Director

Jessie Buehrer

Jessie Buehrer

Founder & Guardian

Karl Thomas

Karl Thomas

Business Development
Facilities Operations

Noramae Munster

Noramae Munster

Nourishment Champion
Culinary Creator

Key Partners

Aquaculture Environment Inc. Logo

Aquacare Environment, Inc. designs and supplies controlled environment aquaculture technology worldwide to intensive land-based aquaculture facilities for cost-effective and sustainable operations that remove and capture nutrients and CO2 from the water in recirculating systems.

Impact Bioenergy Logo

Impact BioenergyTM develops and manufactures portable “plug & play” bioenergy systems that convert organic food waste materials into energy and biofertilizer contributing to local job creation, zero waste, renewable energy production, carbon sequestration, and urban agriculture.

Associate Partners

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